Episode #21 - Nerd it Loud!


Calling all nerds!

Today we welcome our favorite South Florida nerd couple, DJ TONX and Rosemary, to #HPHQ to talk about nerd stuff. Namely, the Nerdporn Podcast and the secret Facebook community group Nerd Central!

These days it's becoming much more socially acceptable—cool, even—to be a nerd, and yet many of us still hide our nerdom in the shadow realm. So we wanted to highlight Nerdporn and Nerd Central for being an awesome community where nerds can be nerds. Did we mention that TONX and Rosemary are our favorite SoFlo couple? Success story inbound! Oh yeah and MasterJoe is starting a new job today, no big deal.

BONUS: New job, #KSFF2015 recap, Boost or Break, Bars, The Story of Toesmary

RUNTIME: 53 min

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Nerdporn is a comedic entertainment podcast hosted by enthusiasts Aaron, Tonx, and Keith. Every week we talk about news in video games, comics, and entertainment with special guest hosts and tons of facts that are actually opinions. Give it a listen and try not to laugh too hard.


We couldn't find that breakdancing video TONX mentioned, but we did find this gem on the Nerd Porn Instagram page:

What to join the exclusive Nerd Central Facebook community? Go to the Heart Piece Podcast Facebook page and send us a message! We'll pass it along to TONX and he'll add you to the group. Just remember to play nice!

C&I Studios presents First Friday


Here's that ad featuring our special guests! Photo by C&I Studios. MasterJoe designed the ad to look like an old retro title screen and it's been making some waves on the event page. Just another example of taking the initiative to do something amazing in your own community. You'd be surprised what you can accomplish with a little passion and a few folks to help you.

You can check out the full event description here or on the First Friday Facebook event page. Even if you're not local to the SoFL area, you can tune in to the live stream at twitch.tv/masterjoe116 from 8pm-12 midnight on November 6th.