Episode 16 - It's Our Anniversary!


Like, our actual anniversary!

Today MasterWife and MasterJoe celebrate their 2-year wedding anniversary by talking about video game weddings! From invitations to the isle, we share some ideas to help get you inspired in your own wedding planning. Despite our best intentions (and the cover image for this episode), we somehow manage to never mention the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (launches tomorrow, 9/1) and it's incredibly Japanese commercial featuring the amazing wedding of 2 card board boxes. We do, however, share some stories from The Vault about our honeymoon, like that time we pretended to be Jane and Tarzan on a cruise ship.

BONUS: Wedding March of the Babies, Poll Results, 

RUNTIME: 42 minutes


Video Game Proposals

Video Game Wedding Invitations

Katamari Damacy Wedding

Gundam Wedding

Brighton Wedding

Here's a part of our wedding invitations. We made them ourselves and yes, we have a thing for origami and Japanese things in general.


Oh, and that special birthday cake for MasterWife. She has excellent tastes.