Episode 12 - The Games That Made Us


Think back...

Over your short or long list of people that you've met since elementary school, how many of them, in one way or another, did you meet because of games? How many of them do you remember by the experiences you shared gaming together? In this episode, MasterWife and MasterJoe take a look back at their own respective childhoods and reflect on what games brought them together with their friends and family members. Then they talk about what games and gaming experiences bring them together now as a married gamer couple. You might be surprised to hear some of their discussion!

BONUS: Amazon.com, Playing House with Mario Kart 64, Rhythm Heaven Frog Hop

RUNTIME: 50 minutes

Photo by: C&I Photographers


Here's that video MasterJoe helping MasterWife with a tough part in The Last Of Us. Pretty intense •_•

Check out our progress on that Super Mario Galaxy puzzle we mentioned this episode. MasterJoe hasn't finished the border yet but MasterWife finished all of the title, got started on the ship, and Mario is just about done: