Episode 5 - The Love Languages of Harvest Moon


Did you know?

Playing Harvest Moon is proven to make you 60% better at deciphering relationship dynamics. Did you also know that 42% of all statistics are made up? Well here's one thing that's definitely true: Harvest Moon is an awesome video game franchise. Even better, there are lots of relational goodies to learn from the games! In this episode MasterJoe takes an in-depth look at the characters of his all-time favorite Harvest Moon game and MasterWife breaks down the 5 Love Languages as told by Dr. Gary Chapman.

BONUS: Body Harvest ≠ Harvest Moon, Yoshi's Daycare Academy, Love Language of Cats

RUNTIME: 47:52

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Extra Bits

Ever wondered what Harvest Moon: The Movie might be like? Here's a video from Gritty Reboots on YouTube that might help. Harvest Moon was the very first video that Gritty Reboots ever made and it's based on the characters of Harvest Moon 64 (recurring in friends of Mineral Town) that we mentioned in the podcast! Check out the video here: Harvest Moon: The Movie (Trailer) | Gritty Reboots

Oh, and here are our cats, Umi and Raelynn, demonstrating the power of physical touch, nya~ ^ω^