Episode #30 - Just A Slice of Pie Away


We have a dope idea for a movie.

A drummer, a lady gamer, and a black guy all go to a dance contest. It's called, Today's Episode of the Heart Piece Podcast. Movie of the year, easy. MasterJoe and MasterIce chat it up about the modern theory of separation. Fun fact: It's not six degrees anymore, Toto. We're a lot closer to everyone else in the world than we think. Well, in theory at least.

The theory seems to be holding true for MasterJoe as he ran into the original Mario Bros. world record holder, Steven Kleisath, and got a visit from his old buddy Krysti Pride, who had some interesting news to deliver! Grab your Notepads and your TextEdits. It's time to talk about #hplinks! And please, peeps, don't let elderly people use seesaws.

BONUS: Senior Seesaw, Circle of Gaming Life, Mario Bros.
RUNTIME: 40 min


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