Episode #29 - Luke, I Am Your Gamer



You know what's great about the Heart Piece Podcast? You can listen to it even while attending to your kids! After all, the gamers of the 80s are now becoming parents and some of them are having kids of their own. MasterIce knows about the joys struggles of parenthood first hand and shares some perspective on what it's like to make the transition to being a parent first and gamer second. Special appearance by his two kids, plus we share the number one game parents should be playing with their kids, as told by kids.

BONUS: Caution: Snow, Boost or Break, Master Niece and Nephew
RUNTIME: 37 min


Remember, it's not worth becoming a meme. Be careful out there.


Episode #26 - Super Miller Bros.

The holiday season is an interesting one to say the least. It's a time for families and friends to gather together and do a good bit of IRL bonding. As such, enjoy this very special bonus episode we recorded with MasterJoe and his two older brothers on Black Friday back in November. It's a bit off the beaten path so it's being released here exclusively on the website, but you know what? Sometimes it's good to just chalk it up with your bros!

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