The average American gamer is 35 years old and probably doesn’t play Fortnite.


Meet MasterJoe and MasterWife. (That’s us. We run this page. Nice to meet you). We are two married, 30-something, “responsible adults” who happen to be gamers. The time we had in our youth to play games as much as we wanted is gone, swiftly replaced by the ever growing demands of adulthood. It’s a fairly depressing reality so we decided to do something about it.

Enter Heart Piece+, a lifestyle experiment that we concocted to find our own answer to one of the questions we’ve been asking ourselves: Can gamers truly live a fulfilled life in adulthood despite the never-ending pressure of responsibility?

There are tons of blogs and articles about the eternal struggle of adulting vs gaming so we’re not going to write about it. Heart Piece+ is an audio/video experiment and we are the test subjects. We’re going to put ourselves under the microscope and invite you into the lab to record the results. Do you have to give up your gaming lifestyle to become a responsible adult? Or do you just need to step your game up? That’s what we’re here to find out. Caution: Results may vary.